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  Valentine's Day gift ideas  


KATHMANDU, Feb 14: It’s the 14th day of February. While many have been planning for this day for quite some time, there are also those of us who feel the mounting pressure of having to say “I love you” in monetary ways, scrambling for that perfect gift for that special someone in our lives.

Now if we want a halfway decent shot of giving a good gift, we ought to keep it simple.

We tell you how these gift ideas, although being quite inexpensive, do a fine job of showing your affection.

Khamma paisa/balance transfer

What other gift could be safer? We’ve grown up seeing envelopes being gifted whether it’s at marriage ceremonies or the Dashain Tika. So why not keep the tradition alive? Now there are ways to make it more ‘Valentinish.’

For example, you could use a red envelope or just write “I love you” on the Rupee note, keep the text size small, though! Balance transfer is another wonderful idea.

It’s available everywhere and they don’t hike the prices like they do for roses or chocolates, and the best part is you talk all night long.

‘Copy paste’ a poem

One of the simplest approaches since love was born has been through love poems. But you don’t have to be Shakespeare. Here’s an easy way out. Just log on to ‘The Poetry Foundation’ because the site is easy to navigate and the ‘Poetry Tool’ there will help you choose the perfect verse for you.

When there’s such a tempting list for all for us to utilize it, then why take a back seat? Whether you read it out to your special someone or send a written note, do it with confidence.

And if you’re unsure of your elocution skills, gift a handwritten note because that way you’re less likely to be suspected. Now remember you’re not cheating here – after all, everything is fair in love!

Playing cards

Now this one is the easiest of them all, probably the best last-minute gift idea. Just walk into any ‘kirana pasal’ and buy a pack of cards. The idea is basically to sit together and enjoy a good game.

If you wish to put in some extra effort, you can always learn a few card tricks from YouTube and surprise your loved one. Who wouldn’t be awed by some magic?

Self-made coupon book

If you have access to a computer and a printer, you can make a coupon book for your sweetie with different gifts or favors that your loved one can use at any time. But beware, that means if s/he decides to use their coupon “cook my favorite meal” or “take me shopping,” you must make good on it.

You can even include a blank coupon so the person can make one byherself. Print them out, cut them if need be, staple them together (neatly please!) and present them with a bow wrapped around it. Cute? We think so too!

Romantic Facebook gifts

How much do you love your spouse? Enough to send a few Valentine gifts and greetings on Facebook? That should be good enough. Try the ‘Valentine Kiss’ gifting application.

There’s the Brad Pitt kiss, the emo kiss, the fairytale kiss, and even one specific to the holiday at hand. Even if it’s not Valentine’s Day, you may want to keep this application in mind the next time you’re thinking of that someone special.

Also, everyone loves candy. The Valentine Candy application lets you send the virtual version to your Facebook friends when you can’t send the real thing. Valentine Candy covers the basics, from candy hearts to jellybeans and chocolates.

And when there’s nothing else to give... Give nothing!

They say intention of giving is the most important. Here’s your chance to prove it! If the person who receives this accepts it gracefully, you’ll know that there’s true love involved!

Published on 2012-02-14 09:35:23
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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
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