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  Gupta repeats Madhes may break ties with Kathmandu  


KATHMANDU, Feb 16: Information and Communications Minister Jaya Prakash Prasad Gupta has reiterated that the Madhes region may break its relations with Kathmandu if the Madhesi issues are not addressed.

Gupta, who is also chairman of the Madhesi People´s Rights Forum-Republican (MPRF-R), called on President Dr Rambaran Yadav at the latter´s office at Shital Niwas Thursday afternoon, to clarify recent remarks that have landed him in controversy.

“The report submitted by the State Restructuring Commission (SRC) cannot be acceptable at any cost because it has eliminated the identity of the Madhes region and the Madhesi people are ready to go for a decisive movement after studying the final draft of the constitution,” reads an eight-point memorandum submitted by Gupta to the president.

The memorandum further reads, “Once the picture becomes clear in the next three months, the situation in Madhes will be different from what the major political parties are thinking. Madhes is in the mood for a violent movement. If the situation remains the same, relations between Madhes and Kathmandu may break.” He said Madhes is for staging a decisive revolt for fulfilling its demands.

Talking to media after meeting the president, Gupta said the next movement will be against the rulers in Kathmandu.

“The movement will not be against the state but rather against the rulers and there should not be any confusion in this regard,” added Gupta.

Gupta maintained that they urged the head of state as the protector of the constitution to draw the attention of the three major political parties to whether or not they have been following the provisions incorporated in the Interim Constitution. MPRF-R General Secretary Atmaram Sah, among other central members of the party, accompanied Gupta during the meeting with the president.

Gupta, in his memorandum, accused state agencies and the major political parties of neglecting Madhesi concerns.

In response, the president said that political leaders must bear in mind their constitutional obligations while making any remarks.

Gupta has been dragged into political controversy following his remarks before media persons on February 7. Opposition political parties have taken strong exception to the remarks and have demanded Gupta´s resignation without delay.

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Published on 2012-02-17 02:00:39
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Gupta Repeats Madhes May Break Ties With Kathmandu
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minister Gupta´s ,who is involved in huge corruption case, intention is to threat supreme court not to take decision on his case negatively. He also wants to show to the deviated madhesis that he is convited because he advocated their madhesi cause [more]
  - mahesh yadav, sirha
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