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  I am unemployed because....  


I don’t have a job because I don’t have experience and I don’t have experience because I don’t yet have a job.

This is the exact scenario of youngsters in Nepal who are tired of hunting for jobs every day. With so many educational institutions producing fresh and energetic graduates every year, the number of people seeking for jobs increases every day. However, to our appalling misfortune, the number of jobs is limited. And what makes the situation even worse is the requirement of experience. This disheartens and shatters the youth who want to get a job on their own without the support of the ever so talked about ‘source-force’.

A thorough look at the vacancy advertisements published in newspapers and posted online explains it all that we freshers are not qualified enough in any field that matches the job we want to endeavor, despite having invested so much hard work into achieving that degree. I’m quite sure that this is the same with my fellow unemployed youngsters. The requirements the employers place are just off the limits and purely discouraging. If everyone wants to hire an experienced person, where are we freshers supposed to go? Why is experience the number one priority when hiring a candidate for a job? I mean, any job! Don’t our educational qualification and years of hard work count at all? And if no employer wants to take us in to their esteemed organizations, where do you suppose we’ll have work experience from?

If you don’t have reasonable answers to the above questions, then people should stop complaining that brain-drain is a serious issue. Because it is very much likely that if the door of opportunity is slammed right on our face, we’ll be forced to take the window in search of other opportunities. This, in particular, is the reason why my dear fellow young citizens of Nepal have had to bid goodbye to their motherland and embrace some other land that ensures opportunity, and eventually their future security.

But if they don’t think experience is the key to selecting the right candidate, why don’t these employers encourage freshmen? However, given the practice of taking in experienced people for jobs, I don’t think employers in this part of the world would ever say that experience is not the number one priority when it comes to choosing the right candidates for a given position.

As I put this up, I’m not yet done with the ‘blame game’. It would be unfair and sole injustice to the employers if I fail to highlight the loopholes in our society’s norms and practices.

Accept it or not, our society is such that if a qualified person settles for a low-paid job, the society looks down on him with suspicious eyes, often doubting his ability. In circumstances like this where a person can neither obtain a decent job nor can confidently take up a low profile job for a time being, what is the person supposed to do? He becomes sandwiched between the society’s norms and the qualifications and experience sought by the employers.

As such, every day, a large number of unemployed youth are either seen going through newspaper vacancies and websites hoping to find a good job or leaving the country in search of opportunities abroad.

And, here we are, crying over the spilt milk while we could do something solid to bring a change.

The writer is a student of Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Sciences (BLAS) at Himalayan White House International College, New Baneshwar in Kathmandu

Published on 2013-10-27 06:14:36
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I Am Unemployed Because....
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