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  Youths and their visions of a 'New' Nepal  


KATHMANDU, Nov 6: November 19, the date fixed for the second Constitution Assembly elections, isn’t too far away. This means we are getting nearer to the days of new hopes and expectations for our country. And as youths, we have different visions and prayers regarding a better Nepal that the upcoming elections will hopefully help construct.

When asked of Sneha Prasai, 18, about her prospects regarding ‘New Nepal,’ she shares that peace and security are what she mostly pleads for. A student of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology at St Xavier’s College in Maitighar, she envisions a peaceful Nepal for all the people and hopes that such rules will be implemented that will bring justice to all. She argues that only if people from all walks of life get to concentrate in their respective works, the country can prosper in various terms.
“As students, we have busy schedules. We have to take care of so many things – our assignments, project works and our examinations. And if our daily lives are disturbed due to bandas and security problems, we won’t get to learn properly,” she says, adding that the lives of office goers and laborers also are affected due to the peace and security issues, due to which the development process of the country can slow down. That is why she feels that proper laws ensuring everyone’s safety is the most important feature of a new Nepal that she dreams of.

Similarly, Srishti Shrestha, 16, a Management student at Little Angels’ Higher Secondary School in Hattiban, opines that she wants to see Nepal as a country that will support its youths to take the lead in different sectors. She feels that since young people are more energetic and have better analytical power, they should be allowed to lead in the decision-making processes of various aspects of the country.

“And women should be given more opportunities. Women are discriminated against in many ways. From home to schools to offices, men are given more priority,” she observes. Therefore, she also wants Nepal to focus on gender equality and bring systems that will work for the empowerment of deprived women.
Like Srishti, many youngsters wish that the Constitution drafted after the upcoming elections focuses more on the empowerment of the youths of the nation. Swastika Basnet, 16, a Science student at United Academy in Kumaripati, says that once the government is formed after the elections, it should emphasize on empowering the youths through effective education.

In this file photo from May 13, 2011, two children hold Nepal flags during a rally against general strike called by Nepali Congress, in Thamel , Kathmandu. (

“The cost of education is too high at private schools and colleges. So I hope the government invests more on developing the education sector and make good education accessible to all the children of the country.” She further elaborates that if the education system is made better, students here won’t need to leave their families to go abroad in search of better education.

And as a Science student interested in medical studies, she also expects that the health sector will also see improvements, especially in the rural areas where there aren’t sufficient doctors and hospitals. She suggests that doctors, nurses and learned personas from urban areas should go and help those suffering from various ailments and diseases in the remote places of Nepal. Health campaigns and awareness programs should be conducted on frequent basis, she adds.

And since many youths are drawn towards foreign lands due to the facilities and infrastructures available there, they share that they would be glad if such amenities were available here in Nepal.

Ashwin Sharma, 20, is a student doing Development Studies at National College in Baluwatar. His visualization of ‘New Nepal’ after the elections is a nation where various physical infrastructures will be developed, just like in the First World countries.

“Our country is rich in natural resources. We could do so much by utilizing these resources and prosper in terms of wealth too. But since not much have been done regarding that yet, I hope the government will support the development process in future,” he opines. He further adds that the utilization of the resources will serve everyone in the country. Making the best use of water resources available in plenty, for instance, means reduced load-shedding hours, which is what many Nepalis today want.

And for some youngsters like Manish Sharma, 21, a student of IT at Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce in Dilli Bazaar, civic sense and unity in the country are what matter the most. He expects that the soon-to-be-elected CA members should focus on uniting the people, irrespective of their castes, genders and ethnicities. All should develop a sense of nationalism and should keep in mind that they are Nepalis first, he opines. He doesn’t want any more riots, fights or strikes on any trivial issues in the future.

However, many people are still skeptical about whether or nor the elections will bring positive changes. Many youths have become disappointed by the politicians in the past as they did not do much for the betterment of the nation. They feel that the result will be the same this time too.

Devina Shrestha, 30, a jobholder at Pentasoft Nepal Pvt Ltd, Kanti Path, shares that she doesn’t have much hope from the upcoming elections and informs that she isn’t even planning to vote.

“The election held some years ago, promising positive political transformations, had made all of us Nepalis hopeful. But there hasn’t been much change in the country yet. In fact, the situation seems to have worsened and more and more youths are fleeing abroad in search of better prospects,” she shares.

However, despite not having high hopes about the upcoming elections bringing about any positive changes, Devina believes that it depends on each of us, irrespective of our backgrounds, to construct the New Nepal that we love talking about.

Published on 2013-11-07 10:20:34
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Youths And Their Visions Of A 'New' Nepal
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