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  KMC to enforce segregation of household waste  


KATHMANDU, Nov 10: You still pack your kitchen refuse in one bag and throw it way, don´t you? But the time has come to change the way you dispose waste produced in your house.
In a bid to minimize the increasing household refuses of the capital city and to encourage people in making manure from such waste, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has decided to collect household refuses in three categories: organic, non- organic and recyclables.

The metropolis will soon operate three separate vans in every wards of the city to collect segregated waste.

According to a public notice published on October 23 by the KMC, they will also provide training to the interested people about making manure from household wastes, and trash bins for the purpose.

The KMC is circulating forms to the residents of all 35 wards of the city so that the interested people can fill up the forms and submit them within 30 days.

Those who attend the training will also get subsidy on the trash bins. The trash bin, which costs Rs. 2,000, will be provided for just Rs.965.

The KMC has also requested the people to come with a group of 25-30 people for the training so that it will be easy for them to finish the training session soon.
“Our main aim is to reduce huge pressure of household wastes which not only reduce financial burden faced by the state but also helps the residents to make manure for their garden,” said Hari Kunwar, chief of Environment Management Division of the KMC.

“In future, the KMC will also buy manure from their houses. Hence, the people must attend our training classes which will be only of one day for a group,” he added.
Today, the KMC has been paying Rs 2 per Kg to dump solid waste generated from the capital at Sisdole landfill site in Nuwakot.

“If people will start making manure from household refuses then a huge amount of money, which we have been using to dump them, will be used in other developmental works,” said Kunwar.

However, similar campaigns launched by the KMC in the past were not taken seriously by the residents of the capital.
“Our previous plans were not as successful as we thought because of lack of advertisement about it. Most of the people are still unaware about such type of trainings given by the KMC.”

Published on 2013-11-11 02:29:26
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KMC To Enforce Segregation Of Household Waste
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