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Some parties trying to buy votes: Pradeep Nepal
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Rohit Chand to attend training-cum-trial at Danish top-flight club
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Russia denies Iran to blame for nuclear talks failure
Djokovic beats Nadal to win ATP Finals
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  Visiting Narayanhiti Royal Palace
        Hritika Ghimire & Priyanka Thapa  
    On Monday, October 26, we visited the Narayanhiti Royal Palace located in Durbar Marg. As soon as we queued up to enter the palace, now turned into museum, we told ourselves that we were going to have a blast despite not knowing what really to expect.

First, when we walked in, the security guards checked us thoroughly and after that we went ahead. While going up the stairs, we felt like we were god’s favorite people as we walked up like royals. On our way, we also looked at the pictures of the different kings of the past. The pictures were so amazing that the kings actually looked alive. We also saw the brilliant things used by royal families, such as the throne and their crowns, etc.

  Media Reader, A Book On All Thing Journalism, Launched
    KATHMANDU, Nov 10: Media Reader, a book on journalism covering issues ranging from traditional media to new media has been released in the Nepali market on Sunday.

Established working journalists, journalism teachers, academicians, trainers and recognized media persons have written extensive articles on separate issues related to the various aspects of media in the book.

  ABOUT TIME: The Travels In Time
    KATHMANDU, Nov 9: About Time is a new movie from Britain’s most loved romantic comedy writer/director Richard Curtis.

Tim is an average 21 year old living in a comfy coastal house with a loving family. As he narrates every detail of his life, we figure out that he’s one of those “good boys” who don’t really have the knack to score points with girls. He’s devastated by this awkwardness. Domhnall Gleeson, who you may remember as Bill Weasley from the Harry Potter films, plays Tim. Gleeson looks boyishly young for the part (though he is actually 30) but he has a certain spark that takes his character beyond the nerdy protagonist stereotype. There’s an urge in Tim to change his love life and a massive surprise heads his way to stir things up. Launched
    KATHMANDU, Nov 9: With an objective to introduce and provide a detailed information on the candidates contesting in the November 19 elections to the general public, a group of dynamic young individuals from Strongcode Labs has developed an online portal – – where one can not only find information on the candidates but also ‘Vote’ for their favorite one.

The vote, however, is only a sample and will serve no purpose than to informally analyze which candidate is most popular among the site users. “Many youth say that they don’t want to vote because they don’t know much about the candidates that are standing up for election.

  Music For A Cause
    KATHMANDU, Nov 8: Nepal Academy Hall in Kamaladi, Kathmandu was filled with singer Raju Lama’s fans, gathered to listen to the artist performing live with his band Mongolian Heart on Friday.

The fund raising musical event ‘Mero Nepal Mongolian Heart Live in Concert 2013’ was organized by the Raju Lama Foundation. The proceeds from the event will support the education of children studying in Yangrima Primary School located at Baruwa in Sindhupalchowk district. The foundation has been supporting the school since a long time.

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