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  Uneven Field
    Gender disparity in election

The speakers at a Vote kaslai-Netri lai (‘Vote for whom?-For Women Leaders’) campaign program at the Open Air Theatre on Sunday, all of them women FPTP election candidates from Kathmandu Valley, rightly feared that all the talk of gender inclusiveness in Nepali politics might be just that—empty talk.

Although the Interim Constitution guarantees 33 percent women representation in the Constituent Assembly, the political parties don’t at all seem committed to gender inclusiveness.

  An End Of Parties
    As details about various election campaigns trickle in from across the country, one thing is becoming absolutely clear:

voters are first assessing their candidate’s individual capacity, before considering the candidate’s party affiliation.The vast majority of candidates contesting under direct representation are unlikely to be elected simply on the basis of their party affiliation. They will be measured on individual merit.

  The Five Percent
       Pratyush Nath Upreti And Kanchan Prasad Kharel  
    Voting rights for under 18

The right to vote is the most privileged form of power vested in the people in a democracy. Not only does it give people the opportunity to choose their representatives, it also puts them and their representatives in the cycle of responsibility and accountability.

According to Nepali laws, an individual must complete 18 years of age in order to be eligible to vote, while the constitution guarantees citizenship at the age of 16.

  Dark Underbelly
    Doing Business Index

“A thriving private sector—with new firms entering the market, creating jobs and developing innovative products –contributes to a more prosperous society.
Government plays a crucial role in supporting a dynamic ecosystem for firms,” reads the very first sentence of the preface of the Doing Business 2014 report.

 The report that has ranked Nepal 105th out of 189 countries highlights the importance of efficient government entities along with a strong private sector. Unfortunately, we have neither.

  Many Failings
    Market monitor mechanism

Food inspectors in the American state of Georgia had to close down a famous restaurant in September for failing a routine inspection. Among the eatery’s sins (as noted in the inspection report): “Employee contaminated her gloves prior to wrapping silverware by handling cell phone… Floor tiles are in disrepair or missing in several locations in the kitchen…” Food inspection there is effective because it is done year-round and without any prior warning. The transparency of the whole process makes it easy for consumers to know if the erring party has taken remedial measures and is ready for business again. We don’t expect our food inspectors, or other market monitors, to be as rigorous. The market monitoring mechanisms in Nepal are severely understaffed and underfunded. The rules are also rather ambiguous, making prompt action difficult. Even factoring in these constraints, the current state of market monitoring in Nepal is simply unacceptable. 

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    Uneven field
    Gender disparity in election

    The speakers at a Vote kaslai-Netri ...


    An end of parties
    As details about various election campaigns trickle in from across the country, one thing is becoming absolutely clear: ...


    The five percent
    Voting rights for under 18

    The right to vote is the most privilege ...


    Dark underbelly
    Doing Business Index

    “A thriving private sector—with n ...

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