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Some parties trying to buy votes: Pradeep Nepal
Nepal defeats UAE by 5 wickets
CPN-Maoist cadres deal a blow, desert party
Rohit Chand to attend training-cum-trial at Danish top-flight club
Former captains hopeful of qualification World T20 Qualifiers
Russia denies Iran to blame for nuclear talks failure
Djokovic beats Nadal to win ATP Finals
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  Govt Should Recognize Tourism As A National Priority Industry : Shrestha
    The government recently enforced a new set of criteria for hotels and resorts by making amendments to the Hotel, Lodge, Restaurant, Bar and Tourist Guide Regulation 1981.

Republica talked to Madhav Om Shrestha, executive director of Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) - the apex of body of hotels in the country - to know about the implementation of the new criteria and the challenges that the hotel industry has been facing. Excerpts:

  Those Who Don't Accept Change Say New CA Will Fail
    Weekly interview

A member of the Citizen’s Movement for Peace and Democracy that played a crucial role in the success of People’s Movement 2006, Dr Devendra Raj Panday has closely followed political developments since 2008 CA election.

Mahabir Paudyal caught up with the veteran civil society leader and human rights activist to discuss November 19 election, challenges to constitution making and civil society’s role post-election.

  Parties More Committed To Constitution This Time
    With political parties reverting to their old stands on contentious issues like federalism and government form, there is a great deal of uncertainty over the outcome of the November 19 election and the possibility of the new Constituent Assembly producing a viable constitution.

Mahabir Paudyal caught up with political analyst and executive chairman of Nepal Center for Contemporary Studies Lokraj Baral to get a picture of the political course post November 19.

  All-party Committees To Resolve Poll-day Disputes
    Weekly interview

As election date draws close, security has become a prime concern, especially in the wake of the attempted murder of CPN-UML Bara-4 candidate Mohammad Alam.

What are the main security challenges in the lead up to the November vote? How can they be overcome? Umesh Prasad Mainali, who served as Home Secretary during 2008 CA election, shared his insights with Mahabir Paudyal and Kosh Raj Koirala.

  With Limited Resources, We Have Not Been Able To Provide Immediate Response
    Weekly Interview

People are going on a shopping spree as the festive season is just round the corner. And nothing sells more than food items in the run up to the great festivals of Dashain and Tihar. With the skyrocketing demand, there is pressure on the supply side, and some of those in the food chain do not hesitate to resort to wrongful means for that extra benefit. The Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DoFTQC) is the chief government body that constantly monitors the quality of available food commodities and its black marketeering. Sujan Dhungana of Republica caught up with Jiwan Prava Lama, director general of the DoFTQC to talk about the issues regarding food quality and the DoFTQC´s plan to regulate the market. Excerpts:

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  • Devolution matters, not jargon of federalism
  • No one should be surprised if we secure most PR seats
  • Even poll deferral proposal shunned
  • Lack of clarity on JaBaJa UML's Achilles' heel
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    Govt should recognize tourism as a national priority industry : Shrestha

    The government recently enforced a new set of criteria for hotels and resorts by making amendments to the Hotel, Lodge, ...

    Those who don't accept change say new CA will fail

    Weekly interview

    A member of the Citizen’s Movement for Peac...

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