| November 28, 2020
Importance of Social Media in shaping public opinion
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Manoj Barakoti

On Social Media: Few assertions

In social observations, the (act of) study itself might sometimes alter the outcome. This intriguing idea stems up from the notion that collecting information itself is a social action, and the actual opinions may be altered or solidified even by clean objective questionnaire. For instance, the act of taking an opinion poll for an upcoming election itself might direct people toward certain ways, encourage or discourage them to participate in it, or inspire them to rethink their choices. This and few other muddles have compelled many to argue that social science, like economics, is a dismal science. Maybe it is.

But, this dismality is (positively) its life. In this essay, I had intended to discuss the changes brought up by social media in which this blog is itself a claim.

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Bhuwan Rawat

Social Media: Mirror of public opinion

Social media is a platform where people get connected despite differences. Investigation and research opportunities are opened through the establishment of social media. People get employment and also chance to learn more.

Social media is the mirror of public opinion. Different opinions and voices from various regions are shared on social media. Media is an instrument that helps flourish democracy and social cooperation. Social media projects both the good and bad aspects of the society.

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Youman Maharjan

How should we utilize Social Media?

Social media is one of the biggest gifts of technology in the present-day world. It has become an important part of lifestyle for many of us. With the index of technological culture hitting high, we have started experiencing impact of social media in our lives, too. This activity has a tremendous impact in shaping the society we live in.

Recent studies show that there has been a level of change in the psychology of people with the introduction of social media. They interact with people in multiple ways, beyond restriction of time, thanks to social media, which is not possible through Television, radio, newspapers or magazines. This kind of access to social media, I believe, has resulted in a major impact in how people behave in the society.

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Constructing public opinion via social media

Social media now has become an increasingly important part of our life. The awareness of using social media has moved way ahead than just creating, sharing or exchanging information. Social media is now taken as one of the important tools that is shaping public opinion, promoting business and reaching out to targeted audience to meet our goals.

Providing real-time information is the wonderful feature of social media which makes people more conscious. In the past, opinion building process was complex and time consuming, however, thanks to social media we can now form public opinion in no time.

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Public notion and social media

Modern world is beyond imagination without social media. Social media has helped in the exchange of information from every part of the world. No matter which continent you hail from, social media has become important for everyone. A student uses social media to keep in touch with his friends and sum up his daily assignments. For a businessman too, social media is a helping hand for leading his business to success through advertisements. Even to public it is a source of information of recent happenings and means of sharing their ideas and thoughts. Therefore the benefits of participating in social media have gone beyond social sharing to shaping public opinion.

Nowadays there is a majority of social media users. But only few people think for themselves and form their own opinions. Most of the people accept what they see, hear and read through social media they prefer. People all over the world believe what and how those events are reported by the social media and make it their personal opinion.

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Media from social viewpoint

Social media today has become an integral part of our living. In fact today's world cannot be visualized without social media. Be it remaining in touch with school activities or getting updates for a new business venture or obtaining information about recent happenings, social media is a must. Such is the scope of social media in the present-day world.

In this era of communication and technology social media has played a crucial role in shaping public opinion. Audiences usually tend to depend particularly upon social media to inform themselves especially on the field in which they do not possess much knowledge .In fact they are the source of opinion itself. We form opinion after knowing an event, incident or decision and it is the media that makes people acquainted with the current affairs. So, in this sense social media, as the title speaks, is a mediator between events and people, thus manipulating the contents it presents.

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Bipin Karki

Social Media in Crosshair of shaping Public opinion

With the advent of information, communication and technology social media has been delivering fundamental right of information to people. Social media has been prime force to drive awareness to people about various current issues. Nepal, has been using social media progressively and profoundly in recent days. If we look back media played significant role in shaping our history. The wave of transformation comes form education and awareness, social media has circulated them as wildfire among public.

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