| October 25, 2020

House panel directs govt to run industrial zones in full capacity

KATHMANDU, April 26: The Legislature-Parliament, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Welfare Protection Committee has issued directive to the Ministry of Industry to run the industrial zones currently operational in the country in full capacity.

The meeting of the committee held at Singha Durbar today also decided to hold consultations with the Ministries of Finance, Forest and Soil Conservation, energy, Land Reform and Management, and Labor and Employment among other related ministries for making the industries more systematic.

Likewise, the committee is to take the necessary initiatives for revising the related Acts and Regulations for preparing industry-friendly environment.

Committee president Bhismaraj Aangdambe issued this directive to the government by synthesizing the opinions expressed by the committee members in today's meeting.

Speaking in the meeting, Secretary at the Ministry of Industries Surya Prasad Silwal said that the Ministry has forwarded the necessary process for reopening the government-owned industries that are now closed for various reasons.

Chairman and general manager of the Industrial Zone Management Ltd, Nanda Kishor Basnet said that the government is looking for 1,000 bighas land plot in every federal province for setting up industrial zone. He hoped that establishment of industrial zones in each province will create jobs for 100 thousand people in every province.

Nine industrial zones spread over a total area of 5,680 ropanis of land are in operation in the country at present. There are 655 industries in these industrial zones. RSS