| April 02, 2020

Industry expectation from fresh graduates

Industry expectation from fresh graduates
In today's context fresh college graduates are facing difficulties securing employment for themselves. More and more companies are rejecting college graduates, stating that the candidates don't meet the stated requirement. On the other hand, colleges are doing their best in order to make their graduates employable. However, despite having fancy courses and hiring an industry practitioner to teach students, there is still a gap between college education and industry expectations.

In my recent interaction with one of the top business colleges of Nepal, they proudly boasted about how intense their curriculum is and how they are teaching their students by inviting experts from top multinational companies operating in Nepal. They said that students are learning about the global trends in finance. They know the latest fad in forecasting and budgeting. As I was hearing this I started questioning myself, does it really matter? Will the techniques be useful for students to secure a job?
I don't want to undermine the college's initiation. However, we also need to understand what knowledge college graduates should require to secure the job. Following are some of the techniques management colleges and students can apply for employment. All the expectations mentioned are based on our experience of recruiting management students in different corporate houses.


Students are taught forecasting, financial modeling and analysis. However, employers will never hire you for having this knowledge. None of the companies are comfortable revealing you their finances. If you want to see yourself in the field of finance, you need to first know how to file for VAT, use accounting software, and have the knowledge about tax bracket according to staffs' annual income. These concepts are not hard to understand. You can learn this even during your internship.


Similar to finance, marketing specialization also takes great pride in developing marketing strategy, marketing plan and analyzing consumer behavior. However, I am sad to break it to you that in Nepal marketing is all about sales. Moreover, you need to understand who the gatekeeper (middleperson) is that leads you to the decision maker. If the gatekeeper is not happy no matter how strong your marketing strategy is, you wouldn't be able to break a deal. You might want to develop a strategy to make the concerned stakeholder happy to score a deal.


Although the scope of HR is developing in Nepal, it is still in its nascent stage. The HR is all about administration work. However, if the candidates know how to conduct job analysis and develop performance management system, it is highly valued by many companies. Similarly, companies also seek awareness of labor law of Nepal and technical aspect of it such as minimum wage, leaves and benefits.


Quite a few colleges these days have started dual specialization in their graduate and undergraduate programs. However, students are still finding it difficult to express themselves, not knowing what they can say to the potential employers. Most colleges are offering finance and marketing as their dual specialization. So, if you are applying for a position in marketing, you can say that you know how to develop a marketing budget with the concept of finance and mindset of marketing. Similarly, if you are applying for a post in finance, then you can say that you can efficiently allocate appropriate budget to marketing, as you are also aware about this field.

Students can take extra initiative to learn these basic concepts during their internship program. If you are not able to do so, then you can leverage Google and indulge in some self-studying. Similarly, management colleges should also try to impart mentioned knowledge through their course. I applaud colleges' efforts on globalizing their curriculum. They are necessary, however, students also need to be taught how to get their hands dirty on clerical work that they have to do as an entry-level staff.

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