| September 22, 2020

Aligning your passion with your current job

Aligning your passion with your current job

KATHMANDU, May 31: There are many of us who feel that we're wasting our time and talents at a 9 to 5 job when we are harboring a deep passion for something else. There could be one among us who loves writing poems but has a marketing job. Or the job could be nursing and the passion cooking.

When we have a career dilemma of this sort, most of us are naturally hesitant to leave the comfort of our regular day job to pursue our passion. Doubts in the form of 'What if it fails?', 'What if I don't earn any money from this new venture?', or 'I'm not young enough to take a career risk' overwhelm us. So how do we proceed from there? Here's what you should consider if you're juggling a full time career and a great passion at the same time.

Know what you are really passionate about

First, discover what your true passion is. Make sure it's not a fad or a fleeting hobby as you will be interested in many things during your lifetime but only a select few remain with you. Your passion in helping handicapped children should bring out the best in you and make you feel good at the same time. If you've been cultivating this passion for many years and you always look forward to being involved in tasks or projects that put you right in the middle of your passion, then it's time you seriously look into exploring it further.

Take a good look at your career path and learn from it

You've been working in management or banking for a long time but you have a deep interest in fashion or rearing plants. You spend most of your leisure trying to fit in ways to explore this passion of yours. But apart from daydreams and wishful thinking, you've never tried to turn your dreams into a fruitful career. Is it because you think such different areas can never merge? And do you feel as if you've wasted your time doing the work that you do now? Well, take a meaningful look at your career trajectory and see how far you've progressed over the years and what you've learnt. Yes, you work in marketing and this is a completely different area of work from graphic designing. But list all the skills you've developed as a marketing officer. You're a great storyteller, you enjoy interacting with people, and you're a great salesperson! Now see how we can use these skills to build a designing business of your own.

Don't wait for the right moment

There's no time like the present if you want to pursue a passion. You've spent years thinking about it. You've accumulated a lot of skills over the years. Don't become complacent because your day job provides you with a good salary. In case you're worried about losing the financial security of your job then maybe you can start by pursuing your passion alongside your day job. See if you can do some part time work and then gradually proceed from there. Maybe you'll enjoy the responsibility of both your day job and money-making passions. Perhaps you'll quit your job to build a business of your own or you'll team up with likeminded individuals to create something amazing from your passions. If your passion is really important to you then you'll discover what great heights you can achieve with it. If you don't, all that's left to you is regret.