| September 20, 2020

Himachal Pradesh: The ultimate holiday destination

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Himachal Pradesh is a good holiday destination for those who want some respite from bustling city life. Popularly known as the Dev Bhoomi—The Land of Gods, Himachal Pradesh attracts a lot of tourists who can be seen exploring the beauty of nature, participating in different adventure sports events, sightseeing, and enjoying the temperate and pleasant climate of the state round the year.

Standing in between the Tibetan plateau to the east, Punjab to the west, and Jammu and Kashmir to the north, the state also served as the summer capital of British Emperors during their rule in India. It is said that the state has 91 British era buildings and heritages. When I visited Himachal Pradesh in April, a lot of tourists cited this as the major reason behind their visit to this charming Indian state.

With a number of hill stations in different districts, Himachal Pradesh seems to have turned into one of the best summer destinations for tourists, especially Europeans. Shimla, Palampur, Chamba-Dalhousie, Dharamashala, among others, are major tourism hubs within Himachal Pradesh itself. One can see various adventure activities going on around Solang Nala, while temples in states like Chamunda Devi, Chintpurni, Hatkoti Bhimakali, among others, seem to attract domestic as well as international tourists.

As a major tourism destination, the economy of the entire state seems to depend on tourism. Majority of the people in Himachal Pradesh are involved in the tourism sector. Though spread over an area of just 55,673 square kilometers with a population of only seven million, Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer to tourists and that way certainly seems to hold a big stake in the tourism industry of India.

According to the chief minister of the state, Virbhadra Singh, with better infrastructures and priority from the central government, Himachal Pradesh could very well go on to be the primary tourism hub of India. And once you experience Himachal Pradesh, that won't seem like an overstatement.
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(Photos: Himachal Tourism Mart)