| October 25, 2020

MPs want government to respond immediately to disaster victims

KATHMANDU, May 26: Members of Parliament (MPs) have drawn the government's attention to the need of providing relief to the people affected by recent disasters as flood and landslide and the Gorkha earthquake, without any delay.

Speaking in the Special Hour in the meeting of the Legislature-Parliament today, the MPs criticised the government for not responding to the problems faced by the victims of the recent natural disasters that hit Kalikot, Bajura, Rolpa among other districts, causing huge loss of property.
They also hauled the government for what they called its inattention to the problem of increasing desertification resulting from long drought condition at different places of the country. They said that the government's this degree of apathy to address the problem shows that the State is least concerned with the problems of the people and it is far removed from them.

The lawmakers also termed it regrettable that the task of collecting the details of the earthquake-affected people has not yet been started in the Kathmandu Valley although it was underway in other districts of the country. They demanded that the process for the same be started in Kathmandu Valley immediately.

Many lawmakers vented ire at the inefficient relief distribution to the earthquake victims, saying that all the earthquake victims have got in relief so far is one tent in a year and some materials in another year.

The MPs also rapped the government's appointments to the ambassadorial posts and to the various judicial positions saying it reeked of political colour. They drew the government's attention not to make a mockery of democracy in a democratic domain.

The MPs drawing the government's attention include Abdul Razzak Gaddhi, Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, Karna Bahadur BK, Dilli Prasad Kafley, Ram Hari Khatiwada among others. RSS