| September 22, 2020

Traffic police enlists students' help to spread awareness about rules

KATHMANDU, June 7: In an attempt to spread awareness about traffic rules and reduce road accidents, Metropolitan Police Traffic Division has deployed 111 student volunteers in Kathmandu for a week.

As per the weeklong road safety program, the students from Kathmandu School of Law have been assisting the traffic police to manage vehicular flow in different accident-prone areas of Kathmandu.
According to Metropolitan Police Traffic Division, every year over 200 student volunteers participate and assist traffic police even as road accidents and congestion continues to grow.

Student volunteers informed drivers and pedestrians about road safety and traffic rules related to the use of zebra cross, overhead bridge, stop line, lane disciple, helmet strips, parking of public vehicles, and also handed out related pamphlets.

"Public awareness campaigns form a major part of our attempts to deal with rising road fatalities. Student volunteers have proven to be quite helpful in our efforts," DSP Pravin Pradhan of the Division said.

The students are not only volunteering but also sharing their experiences and feedbacks in improving road safety measures, he added.

Student volunteers from St Xavier's College, Maitighar, Lincoln college, Samakhushi, Morgan college, Samakhushi, British Gorkha college, Baansbari, Nims college, Lagankhel, Orient college, Basundhara, British Gorkha college, Maharajgunj, Golden Gate college, Purano Baneshwar, Brilliant college, Chabahil, among others, participated in traffic management campaign.

A LLB first year student volunteers, Binda Kumari Thapa, 19, from Kathmandu School of Law, said that the act of voluntarism has helped her become more disciplined and made her realize how minor mistakes could lead to serious road accident.

Binita Niraula, 20, said, "Traffic management is a very difficult task, but most of the youngsters and educated people ignore the rules creating more problems on road. A little self awareness in youths would be of huge help in improving road safety."

In just two weeks between May 19 and June 1, over 470 road accidents occurred across the country, resulting in 91 deaths and 109 serious injuries. Every year, over 2,000 people get killed, majority of them attributed to negligent driving.