| September 18, 2020

KMC reluctant to provide info on unsettled advances

KATHMANDU, June 13: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has shown reluctance toward providing information on the advances issued to the representatives of various political parties.

About 15 years ago, KMC had issued advances to the representatives and many of them have yet to settle their accounts. When asked about the details of the advances and the representatives, the civic body departments passed the buck.

Officials of the KMC's accounts department sugested contacting the officers of the revenue division for the details.

"We don't have the list of all those who have yet to settle their accounts," said Noor Nidhi Neupane, chief of the accounts division. "The officers of the revenue division have the details," he said.

When approached, the revenue division officers again asked Republica to contact the accounts department for the details. "The accounts department is the responsible authority to maintain records of advance payments," said Mahesh Kafle, the chief of the revenue division and information officer.

After a week, Neupane said KMC cannot provide the details. "If we share the information to the media, they put pressure on us. We can provide details if our names are not mentioned in media reports," he said.

Information officer Kafle meanwhile advised Republica to ask KMC in writing to provide the details in line with the Right to Information Act, which ensures everyone for rights to get information of the government and public offices. "We will be forced to issue the information after receiving a written request," he added.

KMC spokesman Gyanendra Karki said they did not have any problem providing the information. He said he has instructed Neupane on the phone to provide the details.

However, Neupane was unavailable in his room when the Republica visited his office five minutes after speaking to Karki.

Karki meanwhile said the KMC will seek help from the District Administration Office if those responsible do not settle the accounts. He informed that KMC had on several occasions in the past had published public notices asking them to settle the accounts.

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