| September 22, 2020

Dhurmus Suntali foundation handed Rs 2 million

Dhurmus Suntali foundation handed Rs 2 million

KATHMANDU, June16: Help Nepal foundation has decided to donate Rs 2 million to Dhurmus-Suntali foundation, organizing press conference here in London, organization confirmed. 

”We have decided to hand over the money we collected for Earthquake victims, to Dhurmush-Suntali foundation.” said Help Nepal president Dinesh Sharma in press conference.

“We were in search of appropriate project to offer the help for Earthquake victims, choose Dhurmush-Suntali as we found them as the most appropriate.” added President Sharma.

Nepalese living in different countries have been donating money to Dhurmush-Suntali’s Giranchaur Unified Settlement,whose estimated investment is around Rs 40 million.